This past weekend I had the absolute delight n' pleasure to team up with Redken. They recently launched a campaign called ‘Style Transformations’  which pushes their firm belief that when there's no labels - there's no limits. They truly want their customers to feel free to express themselves and transform themselves – be whoever they want to be and have fun with it.  

When they approached me to join this campaign, I couldn't resist. Y'all KNOW I love to change up my hair colour pretty frequently. Brown to red, red to purple, purple to ombre, ombre to blonde, blonde to pink.. and so forth. There's something about changing your look that totally speaks to me. It allows me explore other sides of myself that I might have not had the chance to otherwise. Also, why the heck not???

For this particular hair sesh, I decided to chop my long locks into a lob and go PLATINUM. Yup, I was feelin' preeeeetty gutsy. Honestly, I didn't think my stylist (the WONDERFUL Barrett Wamboldt @barrettlea at Vitality Medi Spa) would agree with my decision to crack out the bleach in hopes of saving my hair -- BUT --  she encouraged quite the opposite! With the help from Redken, going even blonder wasn't as damaging as I'd assumed. 

All in all, I couldn't be more pleased with my experience. I'm so excited to style my new hair. I'm super excited to try the shampoo & conditioner "colour extend" -- mostly because the bottles are pink. Excited to see the lasting results! 

* two weeks post salon appointment, and I gotta say.. I'm obsessed with redken's diamond oil and shine products. leaves my hair lookin' n' feelin' some type o wayyyyy. In terms of shampoo & conditioner i'm stickin to ol' faithful "extreme". Since my hair is so damaged it needs the extra TLC that extreme offers.

Last words?

Love you forever, Redken.




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