So, we did a thing.

Ana is the sweetest boss lady out there, and inspired me very early in my business to hold fast to my passion and just go for it. She is the mastermind behind a beautifully curated thrift shop on Agricola street in the heart of Halifax called "Makenew", which carries carefully selected womenswear, quality minimalist design, pre-owned, vintage, emerging jewelry + homeware designers and unique essentials. The name suits it dang pretty well.

During the Christmas break we FINALLY found the time to get together and shoot a few looks from her shop. We had the most fun prancing around outside finding locations and literally every smile in these photos is not forced because she kept me laughing HARD the entire time. Freakin' love her.

Here's a few looks we put together..

Look #1 
Sweater - Pre-owned +Makenew Curated Thrift Shop 
Pants - Pre-owned +Makenew Curated Thrift Shop 
Necklace - Tribes Society @tribes_society
Bodysuit - Year of the Ram @yearoftheram

Look #2
 Dress - @akg_design
Bag - @moyimoyi_bags
Long jean jacket - +Makenew Curated Thrift Shop 



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