tina & jon - engagement shoot

if this wasn't ideal, i don't know what is. 

i've said before, it's my goal to really fit into a wedding/engagement shoot, to be hands on -- keeping people chill and relaxed, helping to make everything smooth and enjoyable, and going with my gut on what to shoot. this was that times infinity. -- i felt included and trusted and it was exactly what i would say people mean when they say the stars aligned. it was effortless. in that situation, i just can't get enough, can't shoot enough, totally on the fritz jumping up and down freaking out. the location, the people, the weather, the feelings--it was dreamy. i pray for it. and this time i felt this jumpstart in my system. an electric surge. happy happy happy.

i've got a major couple crush on these two. oh, and their sweet pup darla. obviously.




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