abbie & rob / vancouver island

This past month I had the extreme honour and privilege to not only stand in my cousin Rob's wedding, but to shoot the best day of his life. Rob and I grew up across the street from each other. We shared every birthday, holiday and vacation together for as long as I can remember. Many of my childhood memories are full of him and his wild ways -- from eating grasshoppers to chasing the ice cream truck around the neighbourhood begging for a free cone. He fills a room wherever he goes, and his heart? Made of pure gold. Having only known Abbie a short time, I can tell y'all without a doubt she is lovely in every way. Scroll down, you'll see. 

It's pretty wonderful watching people you love get married. Vancouver Island is the island of dreams -- I'm tellin' you. Oceans and mountains and endless magical forests. My cup over floweth. 

It's Abbie and Rob time forever and ever and ever. forever ever. 



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