The Neck Bandana

When was the last time you wore a neck bandana? In all likelihood, it may have been the time you starred as Frenchy in your seventh grade production of Grease. The details are fuzzy. But this season, the neck bandana is making a major comeback and I'm all for it. 

In this outfit I've paired my thrifted black bandana with a classic pair of black ripped jeans (H&M), a basic white tee knotted up (GAP), western style belt (THRIFTED), a leather jacket (FOREVER 21), round sunnies (URBAN OUTFITTERS) and pointy black boots (MISSGUIDED) for a "western chic" kinda look ;) oh, and the cappuncino is from Pavia!

The structured back bag was also thrifted from good ol' Value Village. Growing up I always  resented wearing hand-me-downs or thrifted pieces, but now I'm so grateful to have had that instilled in me from a very young age. Now, I see it as a treasure hunt. Why buy things full price when you can find it elsewhere?

Momma raised me well.

A MASSIVE thanks to my talented friend Patrick for shooting these. Check out his instagram @patrickfulgencio, you won't be disappointed.




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