Thoughts On Travel

Lately, when leaving for trips, I have caught myself thinking more about the return trip than what lies ahead of me. It’s like I am trying to imagine what it will be like to be myself after I have experienced a new place. 

But then sometimes you get home, and the pieces fall back into place and your travels seem like they never happened. Routine takes over. Every conversation and beautiful moment suddenly feels like a far off and unattainable idea or dream. You were a different person then, to the person you are now. For a long time I would resent myself for not becoming a more “radical” person after having these experiences, I would get frustrated at myself for falling back into my old ways of thinking. Looking at it now I understand that change does not happen overnight. Sometimes even the most important moments only start affecting us later on once we learn how to process them and apply to our lives or we don’t allow these experiences to shape us at all. What I’m trying to say is, be completely in those moments when they happen, and don’t focus on how they will shape you afterwards. Be open and don’t force it to affect you in any way that’s not real for you.

 W.G. Sebald writes in his novel Austerlitz, "...there is something illusionistic and illusory about the relationship of time and space as we experience it in traveling, which is why whenever we come home from elsewhere we never feel quite sure if we have really been abroad." 




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