All Hallow's Eve

Happy Halloween, friends.

"Don't be a square"

So, this year I decided to be the magnificent Mia Wallace from Quentin Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction". All in all this was a pretty easy costume to quickly get together. Just grab yourself a cheap wig (don't forget the wig cap! Trust me, it make the process a truckload easier), some black cropped trousers, a long white dress shirt, some serious 90's brown lipstick and you've got the look! If you're going for the darker side of Mia, throw in some fake blood, a syringe and a cigarette or two ;) I loved this wig so much I even ran a few errands with it on during day. It's fun to be another person once and awhile. I think this is why I've always loved Halloween.

The complete Mia Wallace kit. Everything pictured is from either Value Village or Party City!

The iconic overdose scene.

Thank you Matt (aka. yip yip martian) & Sarah (aka. Mrs Frizzle) for hosting such a fun night! Here are just a few other great costumes..
(Dexter and his victim, Alien from Toy Story ft. Kip, Justin Timberlake and Sandra D)


What did you end up being for Halloween this year? Also, as we were carving pumpkins this year I thought to myself, how strange is it that we do this as a tradition. We cut the tops off of pumpkins, scoop out the guts, carve out bits to make a face, and then roast the seeds. Why. Nevertheless, I'm glad we do. Speaking of carved pumpkins, take a look at this. Just look at it.

Will Smith by Matt Bustin 

I have no words. 

Whatever you did for halloween this year, I hope you enjoyed yourself and ate mini chocolate bars to your heart's content. Besides the whole dressing up thing, my favourite part of Halloween is November 1st. Thank you, retailers across Canada, for marking down mini chocolate bars half price. #blessed.



Walter and his Walter pumpkin. 
How can so much cute even happen.



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