When in the Valley..


There's nothing quite like Nova Scotia in the fall.

Every year the McMullen clan heads out to the Annapolis Valley to pick some apples, pet some goats and take loads of pictures. Knowing us, you can expect an album or two on Facebook.. with some photoshop edits to follow from Matt Bustin.

This year Ryan, Beth and Elsie sadly couldn't make it, but Cerys volunteered as tribute ;) She's basically a McMullen anyway.

fraternal twins


 We usually hit up WillowBank Farm which is great for apple/pumpkin picking, and also the farm animal entertainment for my niece and nephews. I gotta say, we usually end up in the pen ourselves. Goats are freaking awesome. While walking through the orchards we came to a clearing which lead to an open road. You'll never guess what strange creature came prancing over to us!


 It's not a valley trip unless you stop at Hennigars on the not-so-long-but-long-enough-to-make-you-want-snacks journey home. I have great memories stopping in here every year after some strenuous apple picking with the fam ;) They're notorious for amazing fudge, cider, and apparently, cactus. 

To end the perfect fall day in the most perfect way, of course we headed over to Luckett's Vineyard. Luckett's never fails. This time around they had a special on called the "Daily Flight" which allowed you to taste 3 different wines (red, rose, and white) for 5 dollars. Definitely all over that. As we perused the winery, it was easy to pretend we were exploring the finest vineyard somewhere deep in the flourishin' foothills of Tuscany.

Just look at that view! Just look at it! ;)

Fun fact: you can make a free call anywhere in Canada inside that little red phone booth.

cute heads.

Fall is indeed my favourite. I hope you are able to make a special fall trip yourself and perhaps try out some of these ideas with those you love! So thankful for these trips, and the memories that pile up along the way. 




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