Collide 2015

Hello friends.

Wow, what an inspirational past few days it's been indeed! Now that a bit of the fangirling has worn off, I am able to collect myself together and properly tell you some of my reflections from this conference. First of all, in the words of Donald Trump, a "huuuuuge" thank you to NSCC for getting us all a whopping student discount to cover basically all of our fees. You rock. Atlantica, thank you for the free coffee. You also rock.

I'm just gonna focus on Aaron Draplin here. The rambling Portland, Oregon man who looks like a truck driver, swears like a sailor, and designs like a master artist. Like how awesome. I cant even. I admire so much of his work, but to meet him and just be plain weirdos together made him all the more wonderful to me.

His talk, "Tall Tales from a Large Man" focused on his past, and rise to design stardom. He really nailed it in our heads that to get somewhere, sometimes you gotta start nowhere. You gotta do the nitty gritty, all the work no one else really wants to do. No one starts at the top, well, unless you're a Kardashian. He delivered a suckerpunch of a talk that aimed to provide the highs and lows of a ferociously independent existence and a couple tall tales from his career in the cutthroat world of contemporary graphic design. Just a regular guy with a vocab just a little dirtier than yours, Orange things, long dogs, dangerous ideas, and colorful vectors.

I left feeling the itch to create something. anything. That alone made this conference so worth it. Actually, maybe this selfie did. 

Go create something!
Yes, you.




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